Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're Off to California!

Our departure (from Huntsville anyway) has finally come. After spending several hours last night and this morning stuffing everything humanly possible into 4 suitcases, two backpacks, and Katy's color guard bag, we've finally zipped up the last zipper. The girls were once again challenged to pack everything required to bring out their natural beauty while still staying at or under the airline limit of 50 lbs per bag. :-)

We were sad to leave our miniature long-haired dachshund Oliver behind but he seemed to be happy to be visiting Jimmy Johnson and his family once again.

If all goes well we'll depart at about 2:50 PM and begin winging our way west to Denver, Colorado, where we'll change planes and then depart for Ontario, California. Susan's relatives are kindly picking us up at the airport, letting us spend the night with them and then taking us to the cruise port in the morning.

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