Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday The 13th - Day at Sea

Hello again, Jeff here. It’s Saturday afternoon on the ship and it is once again VERY COOL outside. Every sea day has been overcast, windy and temperatures have hovered in the 60’s. I’ve got about 20 minutes before we go on the kitchen tour so I’ll try to summarize what we did yesterday.

In the morning, we spent time doing a backstage tour of the Walt Disney Theatre called “Stageworks”. The presentation was done by the theatre and costume technicians. The presentation consisted of some prepared video clips, talks by the production personnel and a demonstration of how scene changes are done. At the end, guests were invited up on stage to talk one on one with the technicians and staff. This activity was limited to guests 18 and older.

This was followed by a “Behind the Scenes” look at the ABC Television network operations, including its affiliate ESPN, provided by Executive Vice President Jeff Bader. Jeff had a nice presentation and answered a lot of the questions average viewers have about why TV programming is the way it is.

Susan and I then went to the Sessions Lounge we were participated in our second wine tasting of the cruise. These tastings are offered on each Sea Day and different wines are used each time. Our favorite surprisingly was a Merlot – neither Susan or I are Merlot fans but the Smoking Loon (a relatively cheap wine) was good; so good we ordered a bottle later in the evening with our dinner.

Susan and Katy then participated in the Origami Animals class in the Promenade Lounge. Katy now makes a wicked Origami Crane. I stayed in the stateroom and took the time to update the blog on our Puerto Vallarta tour. Next, after showers and donning our semi-formal apparel, we made our way to the Disney Theatre for “Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic”. This show was rated the #1 show in the entire cruise line business and is an impressive production.

We then went to the family cabaret show of musician/comedian John Charles. John is a long time favorite on the Disney Magic and he was again thoroughly entertaining.

Dinner was in Lumiere’s, my favorite restaurant. The other guests at our table didn’t make it to dinner so it was just the three of us and that made dinner more leisurely. Jonathan, our assistant server entertained us with a number of tricks and brain teasers involving crayons on the table. Katy also showed Jonathan her new-found Origami skills and taught him how to make the Crane.

We finished out the night with the Dessert Buffet. Unfortunately, given we’d just finished dinner less than an hour earlier, we really couldn’t do it justice. We did have fun just looking at the artistry of the cakes, pastries, chocolate fountains and other goodies the chefs created.

This will be my last post onboard – I’ve used up my 250 internet minutes. I’ll post the activities of our final day at sea, debarkation, and (hopefully) time at Disneyland / California Adventure when I get internet access again. Adios from the Magic!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, Susan & Kady, Looks like you guys had a really nice cruise. We enjoyed the Blog, a nice job. Danny