Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mexican Riviera Cruise Itinerary

Hello everyone! Jeff here again. I'll be the primary blogger once again unless I can trick, err umm, convince Susan or Katy to chime in. We do this blog primarily for family and friends but I also know that fellow Disney cruisers also visit us so here again is a little about us:

Jeff - 48, NASA Engineer, long time Disney fan
Susan - Dear wife, 40 something, NASA Engineer, talented musician
Katy - Dear daughter, 18, extremely smart, pretty and very creative

Dear son Brian is once again taking summer classes at Auburn University (mechanical engineering program) so he won't be joining us on this trip. We also have a family web page that contains more info about us, our hobbies, photos and links.

Our Itinerary for this trip is as follows:

6/7 - Travel from Huntsville, AL to Ontario, CA

6/8 - Arrive Port of Los Angeles, Board Disney Magic

6/9 - Day at Sea and Formal Night

6/10 - Dock at Cabo San Lucas; Disney 4 x 4 Desert Safari Tour; Dinner at Palo

6/11 - Dock at Mazatlan; Private Colonial & City Tour w/ Mazatlan Frank

6/12 - Dock at Puerto Vallarta; Private City and Tequila Tour; Pirate Night

6/13 - Day at Sea; Semi-formal Night

6/14 - Day at Sea; Palo Brunch @ 10:30 am

6/15 - Dock at Port of Los Angeles; Visit with West Coast Relatives

6/16 - Visit With Relatives; Go to Disneyland/California Adventure

6/17 - Return to Alabama - BOOOO!

One final note...we got a pleasant surprise today. When I checked our Disney reservation on the Disney Cruise Line website I discovered we'd been upgraded from a Category 12 inside cabin (2009) to a Category 9 outside deluxe cabin. Woo Hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

Jeff hurry up and post some pic's. Need to know someone in the office is having fun.

Anonymous said...

Lee, Iraida, Rebecca and I have been meticulously reading each word and scruitinizing each picture to see if you are sober. You must keep a tape recorder nearby to keep track of it all!!!
Anyway, we are loving it and will toast you with a fresh glass of vino. God watered your roses last night, we didn't have to. We are grazing on homemade pizza and fruit salad and playing dominoes and old people's music. Sorry Katy.
Have a safe trip back to your precious Ollie. I miss him barking at me.