Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why A Disney Cruise?

Some may wonder why we're doing a Disney cruise versus one of the other cruise lines (Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc) for this Mediterranean cruise. Sure, our kids are almost grown and well past their awe and excitement at meeting Disney characters; however, having cruised on Princess, Carnival, Norwegian and Disney before, it is our opinion that we get the best overall cruise experience from Disney. We're not big drinkers or gamblers and are past the point in our lives where we're into partying, so those activities have little to no appeal for us. We're also not so old that all we want to do is sit around playing Bingo all day either. We do LOVE good food, quality entertainment and excellent service and it is our experience that Disney Cruise Lines (DCL) excels in each of these areas. We have been on Carnival cruises where we literally had nothing to do except go to the pool area, go to the casino or sleep. On DCL, there are so many things to do at any given time that it's often hard to decide what to do!

"Aren't you afraid all those kids will drive you crazy?" Not at all. Disney has an excellent kids program that is tiered so that kids of similar ages are grouped together and the activities and facilities they utilize are targeted to that specific age group. Kids love their groups and the Disney staff does a tremendous job keeping them busy and happy. Disney also has designed its ships so that there are distinct areas and events for kids, for families and for adults only.

Finally, while the kids are older and Disney is certainly nothing new to us given we're long time Disney fans, we still feel the Disney "magic" and enjoy the familiar characters, stories and the joy of feeling a little bit like a kid again.


Virgil said...

Great Blog Jeff! We'll have to talk about NASA as my oldest daughter is doing her second internship with Boeing at JSC.

April said...

Hey Susan!
Hope you and your family have a safe and fun vacation.
Much love,
April (a.k.a. the nail girl)

Lisa said...

Hey Jeff!

It's Lisa, your room neighbor from 6633! I saw your blog from the DIS and gave it a read. We're super excited about this trip, cant wait to see you all on board!