Saturday, June 16, 2007

We Made It!

Hello, Jeff here at the Work Center in Barcelona, Spain. Our hotel doesn't have internet access but they gave us directions to this Internet Cafe, which charges 1 Euro for each half hour of connection time.

On our trip, we arrived on time, though a bit worn out after 12 hours of travel. We had a pretty tight connection in Amsterdam to begin with but our flight from Memphis to Amsterdam was 15 minutes late so we had about 40 minutes to get off the plane, walk across the airport, go through Customs - thank goodness for the "Short Connections" line! - and catch our flight to Barcelona. The good news again is that we all made it. The bad news is that all of our bags didn't. We checked 5 bags and only 4 arrived in Barcelona. We filled out the requisite paperwork with KLM and caught a cab to the Hotel Regencia Colon. Traffic was TERRIBLE! We sat in traffic forever and all the while the meter kept running. It ended up taking us about an hour to cover 7 miles and the cost, with the extra bag charge was about 50 Euro. I was expecting about 30-35. At this point I was so tired and happy to get there I didn't fuss about it.

Check in at the Hotel Regencia Colon was a breeze and we were soon in our room - which was nice. We'd requested a triple room and that's what we got. Nice size for a European hotel room, nice bathroom and full size shower. I see why this hotel is one of the higher rated hotels on TripAdvisor. We washed up a bit, changed clothes and then crashed for a nap.

We got a map and restaurant recommendation from the front desk but I'd already done some research on my own and settled on Les Quinze Nits. We made our way over to the La Rambla and did some tourist strolling - watching the street performers and did some people watching. Speaking of that, we saw an old man walk by that was naked...except for the Speedos he had painted over his rear end. I'm glad I didn't see him from the front! We took photos along the way but I haven't uploaded them to my laptop yet so I'll have to post some of those later.

Dinner at Les Quintze Nits was good. We asked for and were give a seat inside along the window so we could look out over the placa (plaza?) during dinner. Out on the plaza were more of the street performers entertaining guests/tourists. We had a variety of appetizers - the cubed potatoes with sausage were amazingly good. For dinner, Susan and I had paella and Katy had a pasta dish. Both were good but not great. We also had a couple of desserts and a liter of sangria. Total for the meal was just over 50 Euro which was reasonable. We returned to the hotel and crashed for the evening.

Today our plan is to get our lost bag - check in on the Disney Magic around noon, meet up with our DIS board friends at 1:30 for lunch, disembark and then do some more touring of Barcelona. I think we'll venture onto the Bus Touristic, which has gotten good reviews from other DISers that have been here before us. More to come!


deb said...

Helloo Jeff and family. Enjoying your blog, let's me relive my trip. Got you linked on my Med Page:

Have the time of a lifetime!

Deb Wills

crima said...

Hi Jeff, Susan & Katy,

We are enjoying keeping up with your adventure. We will be checking on your house and your great travel experience through your thing.

Keep safe and enjoy every minute.

Your neighbors,
Lee & Iraida

Myra Lee Horn said...

Hello from AR Sounds like fun and something different! Stay safe and keep the messages coming!
Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

It is still hot as blazes here, I drowned your flowers and turned your sprinkler on and am leaving it on all night... your papers and mail are still being delivered... Oliver is sitting on your porch whining, and Irma is in your garage. Let's see, what else can I say to encourage you... ?? Actually, all of the above are lies, but one good thing... the road is now paved and smooth...

Have a fabulous trip and we'll be following your every move...

We are hitting Grill 29 tonite for father's day... that will be a treat after my father's day pedicure this morning. The red nail polish looks fab with my sandals.

Love to you all,

James & Rebecca