Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Leave Tomorrow!

Jeff here. Wow! It's almost time to go. We've got clothes and suitcases laying all over the place. Everyone is pitching in...even our sweet little miniature dachshund Oliver, who turned 1 year old yesterday. I printed out several packing lists - two were from the DIS Disney Cruise message board, one from Rick Steves' web site. We've got some other lists of absolutely critical things like our passports, medicines, Euros, a copy of our credit/debit cards and our itinerary, including phone numbers, confirmation numbers, addresses, etc.

Susan here: How many pairs of shoes does Katy really need? Does Katy have enough outfits? Are the suitcases too heavy? Where do I put the sunscreen? Too many questions!! So little time... Not to mention the "help" that Ollie is giving...panty raids and getting into the packed suitcases in an attempt to undo my careful folding and packing. Oh yes, don't forget the mouthpiece. I seriously contemplated bringing my French horn and the Silent Brass System to practice some on the cruise. The more I thought about it, it was just another chance for it to get damaged, so just bringing the mouthpiece to annoy Jeff and Katy! Really, I have a concert coming up on July 1 so I need to keep my embrochure in some sort of shape. Well, my break is about over...back to packing.

Katy here: I'm not really looking forward to the flight. All these airport regulations are pretty much a pain in the neck. I don't mind flying, so long as there's no turbulence and/or I'm at the controls; however, since I'm definitely not going to be at the controls, and there's more than likely going to be turbulence... I'm probably going to be drugged out of my mind. Praise motion sickness medicine and the drowsiness that follows. And I KNOW that I'm going to worry about Ollie the whole time. I love that dog... even if he is pure evil in puppy form, and I would be crushed if anything happened to my baby.

Susan again: I think that we have done all that we can do tonight. Finish in the morning. I'm tired...going to bed.

Katy (after being interrupted by Mom) : I'm totally way ahead of the parents. ;) I've got all my toiletries out on their bed. (Definitely NO room on mine. I've got a mini mountain of suitcases and other objects.) I've packed my ever-so-handy color guard duffel bag so full, it probably weighs about 30 lbs easy. I hope nothing happens to any of the luggage. My stuff is precious to me. I'm most likely going to be staying up a little later than the parents so I can say bye to my peeps, plus I have too much of a headache to be sleepy. Hope I didn't forget to pack anything. Off to do other stuff now...

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Brian Spencer said...

If you were worried about panty raids you could have put ollie in the cage. lol