Monday, June 11, 2007

Introduction & Itinerary

Hello everyone! Jeff here. I'm doing this blog primarily for friends and family but in case others find their way here that don't know us, here is a brief introduction to the cruisers.

Jeff - 47, NASA Engineer, long time Disney fan
Susan - Dear wife, 40 something, NASA Engineer, talented musician
Katy - Dear daughter, 17, extremely smart, pretty and very creative

Dear son Brian is doing the summer term at Auburn University (pre-engineering program) so he won't be joining us on this trip. We also have a family web page that contains more info about us, our hobbies, photos and links.

Our Itinerary is as follows:

6/14: Depart Memphis, TN to Barcelona, Spain via Amsterdam

6/15: Arrive Barcelona - Recover from jet lag

6/16: Check in on Disney Magic - Sail away at 10 pm

6/17: Day at Sea

6/18: Dock at Palermo, Sicily - Disney tour of Village of Cefalu

6/19: Dock at Naples, Italy - Private tour of Pompeii and Amalfi Coast

6/20: Dock at Olbia, Sardinia - Disney tour of La Maddalena Island

6/21: Dock at Civitavecchia, Italy - Private tour of Rome

6/22: Day at Sea

6/23: Dock at La Spezia, Italy - Private tour of Florence & Pisa

6/24: Dock at Marseille, France - Private tour of Aix en Provence and Cassis

6/25: Dock at Villefranche, France - Private tour of Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Eze

6/26: Day at Sea 6/27: Dock at Barcelona, Spain - tour of Barcelona

6/28: Return flight to Memphis, TN


word sneezer said...

Susan, I'm SO jealous. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, Susan and Katie! This is great and I will follow your adventures each day. Thanks for sharing this with us! Dave R.