Monday, January 11, 2010

Recovery Day

Susan here. After a good night's rest and a great breakfast at Fort Wilderness' Trails End buffet, we were feeling much better. Jeff is feeling a lot better today and got his appetite back. Both of us are a little sore, but not too bad. In fact, we could even run some today if we wanted to. Guess that's where the training pays off.

Jeff here.  After breakfast, we walked around what used to be the petting farm at Fort Wilderness but all that remains are some ponies for rides and stables for the various horses large and small used around the Disney property.  The large horses are Belgians and Percherons.  Many of them weigh upwards of 2000 lbs and so obviously they're huge.  Also we noticed that it was so cold out that the ponies had on coats!

Susan here.  Next up was a search for some ibuprofen, as I didn't have any in my purse. One of the items to remember next time! After the visit to Walgreens, we decided to go to Downtown Disney. There is a large movie theatre there, so we decided to take in a movie. We chose "The Blind Side." We really enjoyed it and would highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already.

After the movie we wandered around the World of Disney Store to see if there was something that we couldn't live without, and there wasn't. As we exited, what was in our gaze, but the Ghiradelli shop. Of course, we had to go in. There are always free samples, and free samples of chocolate are always good. We decdided to have hot chocolates and one of their colossal cookies - chocolate chip and toffee. We went outside and found a table in the sun, since it was warmer today.

We wandered around some more, going through the Lego Store, where they have some nice displays made of lego blocks.  Yes, those dogs and family are made of legos.

We're getting ready now for our celebration dinner at Victoria & Alberts, Disney's premiere restaurant.  More tomorrow on our dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff & Susan,

What a great adventure! You guys are greatly admired and we will be anxious to hear more about it when you get home. Rest up and enjoy.

Stay safe,
Lee, Iraida & Toby