Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold, Wet Saturday

Oh my, Susan and I felt so bad for the half-marathoners this morning when we awoke at 5:30 am and heard the rain drops pecking at the roof of our camper.  Knowing that thousands of people were milling around in that frigid rain trying to stay warm before the start of the race made us cringe!  Today, after bundling up in multiple shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, pants, coats and gloves (did I say it was COLD?) and grabbed our umbrellas, we ventured out to Hollywood Studios. 

The only good thing about the cold, wet weather is that Floridians don't like to go out in cold weather so there were only die-hard tourists like us at the park.  We were able to ride Toy Story Mania, Rock-N-Roller Coaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror multiple times with little or no wait and these attractions typically have lines that are an hour or more.

After riding everything we wanted several times, Susan had the idea to go over to the Beach Club to a cozy little restaurant called Beaches and Cream.  They have an excellent chicken noodle soup that was calling to our chilled to the bone bodies.  Afterwards, we played a few games in the nearby game room.  We then walked over to Epcot where we listened to the Voices of Liberty singing group and watched (snoozed during) the American Adventure show.  We finished up the evening back at Hollywood Studios with a hearty dinner at 50's Prime Time of pot roast (me) and meat loaf (Susan). 

We're now getting our stuff ready for our frigid marathon tomorrow and our early alarm at 2:15 am.  Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff & Meatloaf,

We are getting your race positions and times and are really proud of you. You NASA guys are the real stuff. We're going to be relieved when we hear you are warm and resting somewhere. TAKE CARE!

Members of your fanclub,
Lee, Iraida & Toby

Anonymous said...

Let's it Meatball and Meatloaf...or...>

Anyway, just looked and see you both finished... hopefully not frostbitten or hypothermic... I am sure you are prime for a bit of rest and warm food... go enjoy yourselves and CONGRATULATIONS!

We'll pray you home...

With our love,

James and Rebecca

Jlspence said...

Yes, we both finished. Thanks for both of your comments. You are wonderful friends and neighbors!