Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Victoria & Albert"s and Heading Home

Hello Everyone!  Susan here.  Last night we got all spruced up for dinner at Victoria & Albert's, Disney's premire restaurant.  I got some interesting looks as I emerged from the Comfort Station at the Fort Wilderness Campground in my cocktail dress.  Of course, the fancy dress with clogs would get some looks  (didn't want to put on the heels until I had to).  Jeff looked very dapper in his suit.  We headed over to the Grand Floridian Resort and valet parked (that's part of the deal with Vicky & Al's), and the valet directed us to the restaurant.  First, let me say that the Grand Floridian is lovely.  There was a pianist playing when we walked in and the band was getting ready to play as we walked by.  The lobby is just a wonderful place to go and relax and listen to music in the evenings.

When we walked into Victoria & Albert's, it was like we had left the normal cacophony of Disney behind and entered a very genteel home.  They took my coat and offered me a cashmere shawl so I wouldn't be chilly.  We were taken to our table which was in a room with a fireplace, near the harpist.  (we swear that she was union - played about 10 minutes and took a 10-15 minute break)  There were two other couples in the room with us.  Our server was Bill and his assistant was Ann.  Ann welcomed us and poured glasses of champagne (part of the wine pairing with dinner) as we looked at our personalized menus.  We had to make six selections for our dinner.  We carefully chose different things from each other in order to maximize our experience (so we could taste each others' food).  Each selection had a wine pairing with it. 

After we ordered, Ann was back with an amouse bouche, compliments of the chef.  The plate was like a work of art, and they only got better as the evening progressed.  Listed below are the remaining six courses we each ordered, along with some additional photos of the wonderful food.


Maine Lobster with Watermelon Radish, Kohlrabi and Vanilla Aioli
Diver Scallop with Zellwood Corn and Chorizo Sauce
Duck Breast, Duck Sausage, and Confit with Salsify, Pomegranate Sauce
Colorado Lamb with Fresh Cannellini Bean Cassoulet (Photo 4)
Thomas Hoe Stevenson Stilton, Couronne Lochoise, 36 Month Aged Parmigiano, Thomasville Tomme
Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange Purse with Blackberry-Violet Sherbet (Photo 6)


Colorado Buffalo with Fennel, Olives, Artichokes and Sherry Vinaigrette (Photo 1)
Sake-Soy-marinated King Salmon with Bok Choy and Soy Beans (Photo 2)
Poulet Rouge with Mushroom Truffle Ragout, Black Trumpet Mushrooms and English Peas
Marcho Farms Veal Tenderloin with Marble Potatoes and Sauce Soubise (Photo 3)
White Chocolate Gelato with Tableside Shavings and Micro Orchids
Hawaiian Kona Chocolate Souffle (Photo 5)

After the amazing dinner, we headed back to the camper.  It was cold again, so Jeff had both heaters running.  Not long after we went to bed, he noticed that the power was out.  We had no flashlight, so he used my Blackberry for light as he checked the breakers.  Nothing would work, so he decided to go to Wal Mart for another extension cord and a different adapter for the heavy duty extension cord that we had in the camper.  He also got a couple of flashlights.  I stayed bundled up under the quilts and the extra sleeping bag that he pulled out before he left.  After he returned, he got the heater going again with the extension cord, so we didn't freeze!  Not the best ending to a wonderful evening but it could have been worse!


Anonymous said...

Quick question. How much does a dinner like that go for? Thanks. Love your site. New member.

Jlspence said...

It depends. The dinner by itself, with no "upgrades" is $125/person. If you have the wine pairings with each course (as we did) it's another $60/person. Furthermore, within the menu, there are selections of premium items, like a Kobe beef tenderloin, that cost extra if you choose them (we didn't). Finally, since we're frequent Disney visitors/diners we purchased a "Tables in Wonderland" dining card that discounts our meals by 20%. Bottom line, with tip the dinner cost around $400 - definitely a splurge. :-)