Monday, May 17, 2010

Embarkation and Our First Sea Day (plus some teaser photos of Malta)

I'm taking advantage of free internet on the cruise port walkway, down near the far end of the row of restaurants and shops, there is free wi-fi internet.  The wi fi is just past the ATM near a shop called Bristow Potteries and there is another called Sterling Jewelry.  Back to the embarkation day.

Well, somehow I just deleted two paragraphs of typing!  Uggghhh.  How frustrating.  Anyway, from the time we got out of the taxi to when we boarded the ship was just under 30 minutes so I guess we arrived in a lull period.  I heard from other people that boarded about 2:30 that it was busier but they also mentioned some computer problems so that probably contributed to the backup.  Once aboard we walked around to get Brian used to the layout since he'd not been on board since 2001.  At 3 pm, we made our way down to Promenade Lounge where we met up with more than 120 of our fellow cruisers who had been posting on the DIS boards about this cruise for quite a few months, where we've been helping each other plan and research the ports.  We handed out lanyards and chatted until we had to break up to attend the mandatory muster drill at 4 pm (was scheduled for 5 pm). 

The Sail Away party was held at 4:45 pm even though we didn't actually leave the port until 9:30 pm.  I guess Disney decided after its first cruise on 4/24 that more guests would participate if it was held during the day when it was warmer.

The 6:30 welcome aboard show was the typical show, with entertainers giving us a sample of their comedy and magic coming up during the cruise.  Dinner was good and I'm drawing a blank about what we did after that.  I think we crashed, still suffering from jet lag.

The next day was our first sea day where we cruised down to Malta and the seas were pretty choppy. Wave heights were announced at 8 - 13 feet and they were coming across the ship making for quite a side to side rocking motion. We had our first DIS Group Brunch in Palo and it was really nice to be in the private room at one table where we could all chat and get to know one another better. 
After the brunch was a private DIS wine tasting set up by rashdecision (Rob) in the Sessions Lounge.  We had 6 wines to taste, accompanied by white and dark chocolate, which was a nice touch to illustrate how the taste of the wines changed when paired with the chocolate.  As if that wasn't enough drinking, Brian talked me into a beer tasting in Diversions at 3 pm.  We had 5 beers - Stella, Newcastle, Guinness, Sam Adams one other - Beck's perhaps?  Anyway, these were half size glasses so it was quite a "tasting" of beer.  I think after this we handed out some fish extender gifts and then got ready for Formal Night photos and the "Twice Charmed" show.  We took a good 3 or 4 nice family pics so I guess we'll see how they turned out tonight after I get back on the ship.  Susan, Katy and I finished up the night with Heath Hyche's adult show and I have to say Health doesn't suck anymore.  He's gotten better but his routine still included some routines that didn't quite click.  Tomorrow is Tunis, Tunisia for us and it's supposed to be a long day so I'm not sure when my next update will be. 



Heidi said...

loving your blog posts! Only 9 more days and we'll be on the Magic! Enjoy your cruise!

debg said...

Enjoying your blog! Thanks for writing!
(Deb Grandon)

Dorothy said...

I have been checking for posts everyday! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about Malta and Tunisia. I did some reading about Tunisia, and to be honest, I am thinking I might not even get off the ship! I am not much of a haggler - so the souks do not really interest me.

I am going next year and have booked some travel guides. I booked Limo in Rome for Florence, Naples, and Rome. Let me know what you thought of Your guides and tours.
Plus, did you feel it was worth it to arrive a day earlier than your sailing for jet lag?

Jlspence said...

Hi Dorothy,

Sorry about not doing the updates. DCL blocks blogspot except for 10 minute intervals making blogging very difficult. I was able to update for Malta today. Tunisia was a pretty country once you got away from the city. I know of quite a few people that wished they had stayed on board. All of our tour guides have been exceptional! Dominic in Naples, Rudy in Rome and Dan for Florence/Pisa. I've heard nothing but great things about Rome in Limo too from fellow cruisers.