Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tomorrow's D (Departure) Day!

The departure day is rapidly approaching and the only thing standing between us and Barcelona is a ash-belching Icelandic volcano, with a name only two guys (Brynjulfur & Ragnheidur) in Iceland can pronounce - Eyjafjallajokull.  Grrr...

We've stopped our mail, newpaper (yes, we're among the few that actually still do read a newspaper), and will be dropping our dog (Oliver) and our daughter's dog (Bree) off at the kennel this afternoon.  We've yet to put anything into a suitcase yet, but have been working on our packing lists and gathering our stuff together in order to be ready to pack it.  We've also notified the bank and credit card company that will be traveling out of the country so they'll know (hopefully) not to freeze our cards while we're away. 

Our first flight in the morning departs at 6:05 am from Huntsville to Chicago.  We then fly from Chicago to New York (LaGuardia), where we'll catch a shuttle to JFK and then (knock on wood) catch our 8.5 hour flight to Barcelona departing at 6:25 pm.  If all goes well, we'll arrive in Barcelona at about 8:30 am on 5/14.  We're staying in the Novotel Barcelona City hotel.  We have plans to meet up with some of our fellow cruisers from the at the Montjuic Magic Fountain around 9 pm. 

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