Monday, October 19, 2009

2008 Food & Wine Photos

Yeah, these are a year late but oh well. Picture #1 is Susan with our Happy Limo driver. Picture #2 is inside Epcot, showing the theme of the 2008 festival, which we thought was kind of a lame name "Cities in Wonderland". Picture #3 is Susan on a bench near the China pavilion. Picture #4 are chefs from Puglia, Italy doing a demo on how to make fresh pasta. Picture #5 is Susan near the France pavilion. Picture #6 is Susan sitting in front of the entrance garden to Epcot. Picture #7 is me pigging out on a sausage from the Germany pavilion. Picture #8 is Susan with Crescent Lake, the Yacht Club and Dolphin resorts behind her. Picture #9 is me overcoming my dread of hammocks (goes back to a fall from one in Cozumel, Mexico).

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